Twerking isn't something you need to intellectualize.  It's something that just needs to be done.  Twerking to Celine Dion, though, just isn't the business, and that's where a dude like Debroka comes in with his latest, "Dat Booty!"  This new track is an absolute scorcher with it's bobble-head bass and booty-poppin rhythms.  This is no doubt a track that could easily be played in a mainstage set, a frat house, the gym, or just about anywhere and get you turned up.

The track comes out as part of a compilation from Atlanta's Block Society.  Nappy mentioned this compilation earlier this week when he brought up ZBRA's "2JRZ4U" and we're feeling this one even more right now.  Atlanta's emergence as a bass capital has been bubbling for a while and will owe it's roots to the always poppin hip-hop scene there, but the next level is really going to broach as more squads get together like this and put out records of this nature.