NYC's Infuze is gearing up for a big summer. We chatted with him in May, and he's been steamrolling with releases ever since.  An EP on Firepower, a single on SMOG, and now a big remix for the Downtown Records and Mad Decent associate Dawn Golden.  This remix brings a genre-less attitude to it that says "IDGAFOS" about you or your hangups and just delivers bass.  Bass combined with some neck-snapping rhythms make this a big track that we won't soon forget. When he uploaded the track, Infuze said, "When I sat down to do this remix, I wanted to do something that combined my love of ravey vibes and head-nod, MPC-swung Hip Hop. In the studio lately, I have been working hard to evolve my sound. This is one of my personal favorites and it's been going off in all my sets lately. I hope you like it." Well, I do like this, and when you add in the fact that this track is a free download, I'm all over this one.


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