David Heartbreak's unwavering path to underground domination continues with today's release of his second OWSLA EP, War of the Roses. 2013's The Foundation EP saw Heartbreak officially invoke reggae and dancehall more prominently into his both hard and smooth stylings. One year later, Heartbreak, now entering around five years in the production game, digs into his own history for his War of the Roses EP's title track.

The Brooklyn-to-NC-to-LA success story's history involves the invention of moombahton's chilled out cousin moombahsoul, and the sound was arguably never done better than when Heartbreak remixed The Weeknd in this style on not one, but multiple EPs. Thus, hearing a Weeknd-esque vocal on the mournful yet empowered "War of the Roses" is soulful, but not unexpected. The track's dub-core leanings with the dancehall impulse prominently at the forefront gives Heartbreak a unique flavor that makes him an outlier, yet still wholly relevant in the music industry at the moment.

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