Music is as mysterious as it is magical. And the stories behind music—the winding and unpredictable paths that artists take as they develop their styles and grow creatively—are just as fascinating. Yet so often we realize how remarkably little we know about these artists whose work we admire so much. Until now.

Introducing Coors Light Axis: the musical epicenter where creative styles of all kinds intersect. Presented in an eight-part series, Coors Light Axis will give viewers an all-access pass to the stories and motivations that push artists along on their paths to success. It follows the collaborative journey of Big Sean and Curren$y as they team up to create two new exclusive tracks, and along the way, give viewers an unprecedented look at how music pushes them both to go further—not just in their careers, but in all aspects of their lives. This melding of music and the stories behind it will let us see these artists in ways we never have before—as not just musicians, but people, whose lives, dreams, and struggles are just as complex as our own.

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