Bromance Records, helmed by Brodinski, is always on the move. Last October, we saw them do a big, multi-room night at Fire in London, which confirmed what we already know is true—their crew is strong and knows how to put on a big night.

Last night at Output (presented by MeanRed), Brodinski, LOUISAHHH!!!!, Club Cheval, and Cranks returned to New York for a classic Bromance night. Cranks and LOUISAHHH!!!! started the night with house and techno, before Brodinski played a varied, mostly techno set (inc. Gesaffelstein, SCNTST, Tiga x Audion, and Mike Q x Sinjin Hawke), with some hip-hop sprinkled in (inc. Que, Young Thug, Theophilus London, and Kanye West). For the early majority of Brodinksi's set, Lil Debbie was on stage swaying in the background (amazing). Club Cheval closed the night with more upbeat tunes (Panteros666's "Hyper Reality" was incredible on the Output soundsystem), and most of the crowd stuck around til the end.

Bromance nights have a certain energy resembling what's in the air at a hip-hop show. They continue to bring what's fresh, rebellious, and brilliantly simple to dance music and playing it live. Bromance notably got a chance to shine in the hip-hop world last year via Brodinski and Gesaffelstein's contribution to Yeezus (its most upbeat track, "Send It Up"). Then there's Brodinski's hip-hop sets as The Boogieman, which at times include clever unions of dance music and hip-hop (recently, the Tessela ft. Gucci Mane on his V Mag mix). With so much rap x EDM trash out there, it's continually inspiring to see how Brodinksi and Bromance take hip-hop's sensibilities and apply them to the expanding potential of dance music.