In his episode of The Drop, Borgore spoke on how Malcolm McDowell did a monologue for his #NEWGOREORDER album breaking down what we'd see if we were living in a #NEWGOREORDER. What we weren't expecting was Borgore giving away an extended instrumental version of that intro to celebrate the pre-order for #NEWGOREORDER. If you were wondering where that "Borgore ruined dubstep" sound went, this track let's you know that it's here, front and center. This LP drops on July 8, and could be what the Borwhores and (insert whatever male Borgore fans call themselves) were looking for.

We're also receiving word that Borgore has a show at Governor's Island on July 5; there will even be a Buygore Pageant going down, with the winner netting a $1000 cash prize. There will be two contests: patriotic rave wear (which we're told should not include fuzzy boots) and a talent (read: twerk and/or pole dancing skills) competition. Turn up and turn out.