Album: N/A
Label: Lyrical Eyes Management
Producer: Da Internz

Chicago MC and singer Tink low-key has the song of the summer with "Don't Tell Nobody," her battle-of-the-sexes back-and-forth with Jeremih. "I just text your phone like thirtysome times in a row," she spits in controlled bursts of syllables, the kind of thing you can time the shaking of wrists and flexing of elbows to. "You ain't gotta lie/'Cause it's going on 5/And if you ain't in my bed/Then you laying with a ho/So fuck that love shit"—her flow is so water the way she lets her voice dip down and elongate love, briefly singing the word. And these are just the opening bars.

Everyone who's memorized this song knows that the best part is when she lists her other fuck-buddy options for this dude: "Yeah, baby, let's think/I'ma text Bryan, Facetime Ryan/Call up Keenan, tell 'em I need him/Niggas ain't loyal." The inimitable Grace Gordon unpacked the Chris Brown response nested within these gems over at the Hairpin—read it and take notes. Then get back to this song. Because Tink is gonna be a star. —Ross Scarano