Label: Taylor Gang/Atlantic
Released: January 18

Even when he's putting together a slim, seven-song EP, L.A. R&B songwriter and dick-slinger Ty Dolla $ign can't resist a spoken-word intro. (How else are you gonna rhyme "penis" with "genius," though?) The multipart, string-driven opener "Work," with its chronicle of Ty's journey from loving these hoes to loving this money, is enough to make the EP worth your time. Stick around and you've got "Paranoid," which, wow, have you heard the word boogawolf before? Then there's "Or Nah," another slang expander that's sure to alter your day-to-day work conversations. "You gonna cc me on this email or nah?" If your R&B isn't changing your life, what's the point? —Ross Scarano