Label: Quality Control
Released: February 25

A new Migos tape is always an embarrassment of riches. If this was 2004, you couldn't burn No Label 2 onto a compact disc—it wouldn't fit. If you're looking to get into the Atlanta trio and are wondering where to start, you're being way too analytical about this. But, quickly, you can cut No Label 2 down to "Contraband," "Add It Up," "M&M's," "Fight Night," "Birds," "Young Rich Niggas," and five or six others, and you have a mixtape so pure, the plug just did a somersault. Arguments about gimmicky flows become less interesting when the songs turn up the party as well as these do, with memorable hooks and hilarious lines. The production from Stack Boy Twan, Metro Boomin, and, of course, American master Zaytoven, flips piano loops into automatic trap hands. When Offset tells you he's got birds, chickens, and seagulls on, duh, "Birds," you can't help but smile. This music is impossibly fun, and no one should underestimate that. —Ross Scarano