One thing I love about electronic music is how producer/DJs are always so willing to work with one and another. There's little politics and just tune creation. Surely the producers and labels benefit from this, but it's the fans who are paying their hard earned dollars to see these DJs spin their new tunes and spending every waking hour on the blogs and soundcloud trying to find the latest and greatest that really get to benefit. So when two hard-working producers like Astronomar and CRNKN put their heads together to create a monstrous freebie of a tune, everybody's winning.

"Young Mummy" is a hard-wired grinding electro tune with squelches and squeals to get your mind going at every direction. It's heavy and deep and hard all at the #samedamntime and we're wondering already when these two are going to do this again. These two have routinely proved that no style is out of reach for these guys but this melding right here is really dope and I'm hoping we get a whole lot more of this. For now, grab this freebie and lose your mind a bit to this!

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