Producer: Bruce "Grim" Rhodes
Album: Sittin' Fat Down South
Label: Short Stop Records, Universal

"Wanna Be A Baller" isn't good because of its infectious hook, or its re-purposing of a Prince song, though those are both valid reasons. It's one of the few songs that turns a critical eye on it's own dope boy aspirations: "I hit the highway, makin' money the fly way/But there's gotta be a better way!" "Wanna Be a Baller" was the only smash Lil' Troy made, but the bootstrapping ballad made a lasting impact.

Note: Lil Troy isn't in S.U.C., but this song is included because it hit 70 on the Billboard Hot 100, had a star-making verse from Yungstar, and it was alleged that E.S.G wrote the whole thing but didn't get credit.