Producer: DJ Screw
Album: Chapter 012
Label: Screwed Up Click Entertainment

If any song can be called the quintessential anthem of the movement, it's the "June 27" freestyle. At over 30 minutes long, it seems that every S.U.C. member in the vicinity of the mic added their own flourish. Parts of it don't flow as easily as others, but the imperfections just add to the authenticity of it coming completely off the dome. The track was made in honor of D-Mo's birthday (he also gets in on the rapping action), which in following years has snowballed into a holiday in of itself. This behemoth of a track is the prized artifact of Screw culture, because while candid S.U.C. freestyles were mythologized, few recordings existed in their entirety. The impact can't be understated: beat and soundbites have been sampled by Paul Wall, Drake, and countless times by other S.U.C. members.