Screw Day: the only 24-hour period when you can guarantee that every Houston hip-hop station will be playing posse cuts by DJ Screw and the rap collective he started, Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.). It’s a holiday ingrained into the culture of Houston rap heads.

However, while the thousands of tapes DJ Screw mixed have been documented and celebrated, that honor rarely extends to the members of S.U.C. Few rap cliques can touch the prolificacy and impact of Screwed Up Click. This is in part due to the fact that there were so many members—at any given time, there were around 30 people who were considered apart of, or affiliated with, S.U.C.

Some of these songs became wildly popular when they were released, for a brief moment their stars enjoying the same admiration across the U.S. as they always had in H-Town. Others are gems buried in the massive catalogues of the Click’s major players. These aren’t definitive rankings (for that you’d have to have an additional two years and a screw tribunal), but more of a starting point for listening to all of S.U.C. These are 27 Screwed Up Click Songs You Should know.

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