The world of gnarly dubstep isn't one that I totally understand - nor do I ever expect to fully understand. I've been listening to these sounds for years though and have continually wrestled with the philosophical implications of said music and am often at a loss. Skrillex's "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" was one of the first tracks of its kind I fully understood, though, and that's because despite the jarringly abrasive sound design, the track had an undeniable pop feeling to it and an eviscerating emotion not unlike that of a 16-year-old lashing out at the absurd world we live in.  Zomboy and MUST DIE! are two artists who latched on to that massive sound and have since made a career out of continually re-inventing it.  That's why they're "survivors." This collaboration continues in the gnarly dubstep sound trend and shows the sound hasn't been left for dead. Now surely this doesn't have the same pop sensibility of Skrillex's tunes, but it's still quite a banger in it's own right and is sure to blast any bass bin to oblivion.  Grab this freebie via OWSLA's NEST.