In an era of increasingly over-the-top maneuvers and dance music production gimmicks, it's sometimes vital to step back and breathe in the simplicity of a fresh-ass bootleg or edit. They're by no means the most skillful or difficult moves for producers to make, but a tasty bootleg will put a whole new spin on a track that you'll never be able to unhear, and in the best cases, they make you forget about the OG entirely.

While 2Deep and Ape Drums make anything but forgettable music, Wuki's gone and done what he does so well with bootleggery and turned "Move That Butt" into a shorter, hyper tune with a Jersey club edge. The track seems both sleeker and more ham-fisted than the original at the same time — sleeker in the sense that this is as straight-forward as any DJ tool can possibly be, complete with intro and outro made specifically for the mix; more ham-fisted in the sense that three drops in under three minutes is a lot to handle, but if dropped at the right time, will turn the dancefloor to 11.

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