Shocking footage has emerged today of Solange allegedly attacking Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala while Beyoncé calmly watched on. The footage was leaked courtesy of TMZ (who else?) and featured Solange getting in Jay's face before being pulled away by what looks like a bodyguard. However, even as she's being pulled away, Solange manages to land some kicks on Jay.

While the video is obviously a big deal because it's a celebrity attacking another, it's an even bigger deal because it's an intimate behind the scenes of some of the most elusively private pop stars in the world. The video raises a number of questions like, "Damn, if this was '90s Jay, would he have reacted so calmly?" and "Dude, how did Beyoncé not react at all and then pose for this picture just moments after?" But the most important question is: Why did Solange attack Jay Z? We have no idea.

But, of course, Twitter is running rampant with conspiracy theories. We're sure we'll be talking about this for weeks to come, but here's some of the best ones so far... 

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