With the Kimye extravaganza now in the books, it's time to jump into all the juicy rumors about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding. Page Six got the scoop on the rumored details of the wedding, and they are as crazy as you think they would be.

We decided to rank the rumors from least to most absurd for your reading pleasure. Enjoy them below:

  • There was a giant gold box that was 15 meters tall and held the restrooms for the evening. It earned the title of, "The Gold Toilet Tower," at the wedding
  • Instead of place cards at the tables, Kim and Ye had a full team of Italian stone masons hand carve the name of every guest into the marble tabletop. Problem? Nobody sat where they were assigned because everyone had their entourages with them.
  • Kim and Ye had 30 nude statues created for the event, though in the process of set up only 10 of them survived to the ceremony. Four of them were missing their heads. Two hours before the wedding, Ye asked that the crew move the half-a-ton statues further away from the dinner tables.
  • Jaden Smith was in attendance, and of course wore his all-white Batman outfit to the event. He was also apparently running around the entire time bothering guests and knocking their belongings off tables. 
  • A woman got so intoxicated during the cocktail hour that she had collapsed and an ambulance had to be called. The only issue? A fan trying to get a glimpse of the wedding fell off of a tower near the wedding around the same time. The ambulance left the drunk woman to attend to the fan, and the woman ended up sleeping on a bench the entire night.
  • Kim walked out onto the venue to check things out, a light shined directly on her crotch area . She was so enraged that she walked over to the lighting system and pulled the plug, causing the lights to go out in the giant golden box where the bathrooms were.
  • Jay Z's rumored gift to the couple? A giant bottle of Chianti dipped in gold and a diamond instead of a cork. Too bad Hov wasn't there to present it in person. 
  • Kanye didn't like the speaker system at the wedding, so he had them pulled out as the guests arrived. An iPod served as the musical enjoyment for the event until after dinner.
  • Toasts are always an important part of every wedding, and Kanye apparently gave a 45 minute one to himself at the wedding. This was after Kim and Ye danced to five songs to themselves with John Legend playing on an all-marble piano.
  • One hour before the festivities, Ye apparently didn't like the all-white bar, so he took a saw and went to town on the bar himself. He was apparently screaming at the workers while he worked, finally adding two pieces of wood to the front of the bar and saying, "It's art."

You can read the full list of every insane rumor over at the NYPost, which honestly, deserves a Pulitzer.

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