Finding quality music in 2014 is tougher then it was in 2013.  And 2012.  And so on.  The simple reason is not a lack of quality, but too much quality!  With countless platforms offering you limitless tunes, the selection can be gluttonous and overwhelming to the uninitiated.  With that in mind, it's great when you have a company like a boutique, digital distribution company like Brooklyn's Seed who not only regularly delivers the goods from the likes of Mad Decent, Fool's Gold, LuckyMe, Size, Soulection, and more, but when they say out of those "hey, these are OUR favorites for the month," so that you get an even more finely tuned bit of selections.  With that in mind, below we have Seed's selection of April cuts with tunes from SMOG, Kitsune, B.YRSLF, ASL Singles Club, and a bunch more.  Peep below and get grooving.