The Lonely Island has made its mark on the season finale of Saturday Night Live. With Andy Samberg hosting the show, the trio put out a few digital shorts, enlisting the aid of several rapper friends in the process. One of the shorts was "Hugs," which is based on the song on their last album, The Wack Album. As the song features Pharrell, he made a cameo in the short as a man who runs a hugging booth at a carnival.

In an earlier short, "When Will The Bass Drop," Samberg makes fun of EDM DJs by mocking the theatrics that take place at shows. He gets some assistance from Lil Jon in the video. Ultimately, Samberg manages to "kill the crowd" literally with the bass.

Also during the show, Samberg got the assistance of 2 Chainz, who appears in a sketch titled "Superhits Studio." The sketch finds 2 Chainz in the studio working on a new single. When he needs somebody to help him with a chorus, he recruits "The Blizzard Man," played by Samberg. Hilarity ensues.

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