As we finally settle into the first fiscal quarter of 2014, corporate labels are now finally able to unveil their plans of attack regarding the merging of the mainstream and EDM. Columbia Records nabbed Dillon Francis, Insomniac Events is now partnering with Interscope Records, and in news that should shock absolutely nobody, Sony Records has signed The Chainsmokers - Dim Mak affiliated production duo of "#Selfie" fame - to what Billboard reports are seven-figure publishing deals.

Insofar as the mass marketing of EDM, the publishing rights of our favorite peak-hour jams is where the money truly lies. Yes, while it's true that record sales are down, opportunities for tracks in commercials, films, video games are more apparent in the marketplace than ever before. Thus, two producers sitting on a track that has made extraordinary viral moves since its late January release (to the tune of 100 million plus YouTube video hits) are likely bigger properties than some more established producers. With a label deal at Dim Mak, distribution through Republic Records and publishing handled by Sony, let's absolutely expect The Chainsmokers to assume the lead insofar as creation of viral-spread worthy and hashtag-friendly jams that will soundtrack much of what you see and hear commercially for the rest of the year. Insofar as 2014, this is likely only the beginning of wild and expansive EDM moves-to-come.