Steve Aoki's back at it, finally set to drop Neon Future I this August (which will be followed up by a show at Madison Square Garden). The latest single from Aoki is the Waka Flocka-featured "Rage The Night Away," and like most Aoki videos, I'm not quite sure what's going on. I can see the "neon future" that he speaks of represented in the colors and look of the city this video takes place in, but it's really more about "these visuals are dope as fuck" than "we're trying to give you an intense visual display that'll make you feel all kinds of feels." Both can serve purposes, and it's interesting to see a different side of Waka (well, a side that doens't involve him JUST bouncing and going ham in front of a camera). Take the clip for what it is; if you're looking to rage the night away, your eyes might be closed during this one's duration anyways.