It can very easily be said of Baltimore-born but globally-influential hip-house rapper Spank Rock that he inspired a generation to free their minds so their asses could follow. On the new Boys Noize and Kid Kamillion-produced track "Gully," one of underground music's most beloved emcees is back at it again, same as it ever was, just as explosive as ever before.

If familiar with Spank Rock's career, 2007's "Loose" from his collaboration with the now legendary Benny Blanco on the Bangers and Cash EP was a break-beat driven rave of a filth-laden rap party. Similarly (but without the heavy rap breaks) on "Gully," Spank Rock spews raunchy lyrics on par with the legendary jam. Intriguingly, the bassy techno track concocted by the top-tier German house-meister and New Orleans booty crunk-master would have once just been the domain of underground bar parties along the northern stretch of America's Interstate 95 corridor. However now, they wouldn't sound out of place in a set at a mega-club or festival anywhere in the world. This one is definitely a must add if a club DJ or festival house favoring selctor looking for something with a heftier bottom end that goes thump in the night.