Los Angeles, California-based producer Saint has been on a tear in 2014. It would appear as though with each track released, that as much as they all represent tremendous productions, they also give us a greater window into the creative spirit of a talent on the rise. Describing himself as a "living art project" and "heavy, avant garde club music beatsmith" doesn't give the average EDM fan something concrete to sink their teeth into. However, writing "Timbaland taught us. RIP Aaliyah." in the SoundCloud description of  newly released collaboration with equally gifted Frenchman Aglory "Córdoba" is succint, yet powerful and says everything that he hasn't said yet to-date about his inspiration and aspirations for his career.

Staccato drums, flutes, and an insistent bassline color the production. It's the completion of an earlier series started by the pair, their "Arabic Eurotrap" release "Alhambra" / "Moroccan Candy." Sounding like something squarely in-between the soundtrack to Romeo Must Die and "We Need A Resolution," turn of the 21st century feels are in full effect here. However, in heading deeper into the bass pit wherein current EDM lies, the two creative's production is able to find its own unique path and voice. For both these producers, this is the type of project that is the bedrock of a career with likely untold stardom to follow.  .

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