Saint Lucia-born and London-based producer Poté likely became aware to most Do Androids Dance readers with his drop of soca-meets-UK funky track "Jabulu" as a part of Volume 3 of Enchufada's Upper Cuts series. He returns today with new material in the form of Phoenix - his latest EP - from Black Gold Records:

The EP continues in Poté's desire to meld his Caribbean upbringing with modern connotations of where UK bass has (and will head). Grimy UK funk gets treated with soca flavor on opener "Galinha," while "Radical Notion" is just that, a ambient bass journey in line with the heavy bass "dance" feels permeating rhythm and blues. "Threnody" is a thrilling percussive journey that builds and drops with a classic style. Remember when trance hit the white isle at the turn of the 21st century? Well, this track brings back those feelings and transposes them alongside the emotions of underground dance parties along the Caribbean coastiline. A digital era triangle trade with the universe, it's a style worth pondering more considerably in the future. The bass-driven, electro-melodic and dancefloor-ready "Tia Guarra" closes out this EP with a style commonplace to Afro-Latino global bass at present with winning form.

If desiring more from this bass maestro on-the-rise, he's also dropped a special exclusive mix bringing some of his latest and unreleased tracks along with some personal favorites-of-late. Enjoy!