Terrorhythm Recordings has been on a crazy roll in the last year, releasing music from general unknowns at the time and introducing the world to absolutely breathtaking music. Well, they're at it again with this new Sapphire EP from Parkinson White and Kyle Cook. This three-track release features two collaborative tunes and one solo cut from Parkinson White and all three are just completely amazing. Combined, these kids have a grand total of 35 years on this planet and are already taking astounding strides with their production work. Sure, this is falling in the future/video game categories of today's trends in electronic music. But this release, in this writer's opinion, is transcending any and all stereotypes and establishes these kids as an immediate force to be reckoned with. I got the opportunity to catch up with these dudes prior to the EP drop to get a little insight into who they were and where they came from.

Tell us who you guys are and how did you start working together.
Parkinson White: My name's Adam! I'm 17, from Aberdeenshire in Scotland. I produce under the alias Parkinson White and occasionally under PADU. I enjoy making very moody styles. Mostly angry and emotional styles.

Kyle Cook: I'm Kyle! I'm an 18-year-old producer from Nottingham, England. I enjoy producing anything from hip-hop to purple and future sounds.

Parkinson White: We met through a mutual friend of ours named Scott. I was producing as PADU at the time, and Kyle was producing as Skorpion. We were originally supposed to make a liquid drum & bass tune. However, we both had plans of starting new projects. This is when I started making tunes under Parkinson White, and Kyle decided to start making music under his own name and change the style.

How did this specific project come together and are you guys planning on collaborating more in the future?
Parkinson White:After the New Year had passed, I bought a Nintendo 3DS and picked up the 3D remake of Ocarina of Time. I got inspired to make a Zelda-themed tune, so once I got an initial idea going, I sent it off to Kyle to see what he though of it, and we decided to work on it together. "Temple" was the result of that! "Sapphire" was made through our mutual love of Pokémon, and with the 3D remakes of "Ruby" and "Sapphire" on the horizon, expect some more tunes from ourselves with them!

You guys are both so young! How long have you each been making music?
Parkinson White: I started making shite dubstep on my PC when I was around 14. I started a SoundCloud using the name PADU. PADU is a nickname I was given years ago. I started on FL Studio and I still use it to this day.

Kyle Cook: I started messing around with loops in DJ software when I was about 13, but I didn't actually start "producing" my own music properly until I was around 14 after getting my first copy of FL Studio 7.

Lots of new school vibes on this EP. Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?
Parkinson White: I grew up listening to a lot of rock and indie bands. Ranging from artists such as Travis to Led Zeppelin. I also listened to a lot of Metal around the age of 14. The band Periphery is a huge inspiration to me, although it may not reflect in my productions. My current inspirations are probably Frank Ocean, Rustie, and AWE.

Kyle Cook: My past inspirations stem from hip hop to metal. When I was younger I grew up listening to Nas and Ghostface Killah to who originally got me interested in music generally . These days my sound design is inspired by a lot of retro soundtrack stuff, especially from the '80s era, but I tend to gain influence lately from artists such as Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, who I believe are really pushing some unique sounds..

What's up next for both of you, and what kind of long term goals do you guys have in the music industry?
Parkinson White: For the next year, I will most likely be working on new bits and trying to finish a three track solo EP that I'm currently working on called the Triforce EP. One day, I would like to write music for an adventure based game, or film. I would also like to work with a recording artist at some point.

Kyle Cook: My goal would be to eventually finish an album composed entirely of solo stuff, but I would also like to get into instrumental production for artists and rappers as an 'on the side' kinda thing in doing so.