Jay Z is the latest artist on Papoose's shit list. In a recent interview with VladTV, Pap challenged Jay to come to the next "Show & Prove" or "5 Percent Nation" event in Harlem. This challenge is obviously a direct result of Hov wearing one of the the Nation's chains during a recent Brooklyn Nets game. Pap said that a number of well known artists have attended meetings, including DJ Kay Slay and Rakim. Papoose said:

“You know Jay been wearing the flag on his neck. I would like to see him at the annual ‘Show & Prove’ we do every year,” said Pap. “I come out there and represent. Kay Slay comes out. A couple of artists came out in the past. Rakim… the list goes on. But yo, you’re representing that flag; I’d like to see him come out there, and do something positive for the people.”

Maybe if Jay goes, they can finally hash out who is better.

Watch the full interview above.

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