I don't know how many of us are out there, but I'll just go ahead and say it: it's an awkward time right now, being from Jersey and loving Jersey club music while so many heads are flocking to the sound across the world. No one really fucks with Jersey like that, especially in the places where true fucking with is needed. Maybe I'm a Jersey pride guy, but seeing Nadus' come-up, to the point where Pelican Fly has signed and put out his debut EP Broke City, makes me smile. Maybe it's just the way this tune is constructed, with hella shouts to "Jersey" in it. I feel like this might be my anthem. And Nadus' story is even more interesting.

See, Nadus is all about his town; remember when he spoke with us about wanting to run for mayor? He's that kind of guy. He reps Newark, NJ, and part of that is because of the part that Newark, NJ played in his development. As a youngster he attended the Newark Boys Chorus School. A Sharpe James-sponsored month-long tour of Europe for the Newark Boys Chorus had a big impact on Nadus' life: "A young inner city kid seeing the world, it builds something in you...ambition...determination...whatever it is that got me to this point right here," he says. Now what I just found out is that all proceeds from his Broke City EP will be donated to Newark, NJ's Newark Boys Chorus School. How beautiful is that? Born in Jersey, bred in Jersey, return everything back to Jersey. Cop the EP because it's fucking brilliant future music, and know that you're helping possibly nurture the next Nadus.

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