Back in February we gave you a preview of Nadus' Broke City EP via two tunes we found in two mixes that'd dropped in the same week. Today, Pelican Fly not only let's folks know that Nadus' EP is set to be released on May 27, but they uploaded a quick teaser of the project, giving us all a rough idea of what we've been so worked up about. I mean I'm from Jersey, and feel some type of way about the admiration Jersey club has been receiving as of late, so to see a well-received label like Pelican Fly snapping up one of my home state's more promising acts, and seeing him transform his sound into something as forward-thinking as what Broke City sounds like it'll be? I'm loving it. And if you're like me, you're pre-ordering this bad boy right now.

Word is that we will be getting more from Nadus before the release of this EP, so keep it locked!