If wondering where rap is headed after Young Thug stops being "stoned" and Waka Flocka and Steve Aoki use their electro lasers to finally escape the "trap," take a listen to what producer/rapper Muneshine is up to these days and enjoy the chilled and refreshing vibe of his style. On his latest single "Far As The Eye Can See," he partners with fellow "producer moreso than rapper" Oddisee and rappers Shuanise and D-Sisive for a cohesive effort. When remixed by NΞHZVIL, Muneshine and Oddisee's collaboration heads down a funky path that feels more Dam-Funk than Damon Dash. Chilled out for optimal Cadillac Coupe de Ville moments, this one remembers a classic rap essence that isn't too far removed from sound where EDM producers head when ready to answer the question of for what exactly they're ready to turn down. With his album In Transit due on June 30, Muneshine's at the forefront of a sound with a trickle of popularity turning into a river. Thus, this is a noteworthy listen.