In Philly, DJs are saving the peace of mind of patrons of The Shops at Liberty Place. It looks like the extremely racist and ridiculous rantings of the Black Israelites, a group that you have probably heard if you live in any large cities that will allow them to carry a microphone and spew hate in the open air. And while they are within their legal rights to carry on like this, the effect this had on patrons could no longer be annoyed, and it looks like The Shops took things into their own hands back in January and hired a pair of DJs, known as DJ Liberty Place, to give these guys a soundtrack, whether they liked it or not.

In a recent article from, we find out that pretty much every Friday, you can find DJs Joe Moser and Eric Pawlicki out there on 16th and Chestnut in Philly, blasting tracks for the sole purpose of drowning out the rantings from these Black Israelites. The DJs, hired from Moorestown, PA-based DJ's Available, are all about choosing the "right" songs... they might drop some Rihanna or Ray Charles' "Hit The Road, Jack" (what we imagine is a favorite), but will then lead right in with cuts like "Play That Funky Music, White Boy." It's light-hearted and humorous, and breaks from what we imagine can be a very frightening situation for someone just trying to go shopping. Kudos to The Shops at Liberty Place for choosing this route of action, and big up Joe and Eric for their work. Here are some clips of DJ Liberty Place in action: