Out today is kidkanevil's My Little Ghost album on Project: Mooncircle, and if you're a fan of intriguing electronic soundscapes that draw inspiration from Tokyo, this is your project. kidkanevil shouldn't be a stranger; most recently heard on the Kidsuke collaborative project with Daisuke Tanabe, Kidkanevil returns with a brilliant ode to Tokyo, seemingly crafted by a dreamer who soaked up so much during a trip to Tokyo and stayed super playful and curious. The mix goes a bit deeper, mixing his material from the project with more bass-y bits from Logos, Mr. Mitch, and DZA, as well as the massive "Percy" from Kahn & Neek. Loads of airy vibes in here as well; one to really open your mind and get lost to. AKA the best way to kick off your week.


1. kidkanevil - Ohayo
2. Daisuke Tanabe - Ahuts Ahuts
3. Swiff D - Glamour Shots
4. Esgar - Havoc
5. DZA x kidkanevil - Temple
6. DZA - Macross Plus
7. Strict Face - Fountains
8. Logos - Seawolf
9. Kahn & Neek - Percy
10. Mr Mitch x Clipse - It's The First Time
11. Titts - Raccoon
12. Madegg - Fall
13. Lullatone - the view from a foggy window, or your head in the clouds with a fever
14. howiewonder - sky.scrapes
15. kidkanevil - Shunkanido
16. Sisyphus - Flying Ace
17. Non+Herrmutt Lobby - Bruised Bonus
19. Egadz - Giant Steps
20. SNK∆ - Carnaval
21. lee (asano+ryuhei) - 50yen vs 50cent
22. S.Maharba - Something In The Way She Moves