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Last week, a photo of Kanye West solemnly sitting in the background of a photo with Kim Kardashian and a zip-lining instructor went viral. The photo, as many people have realized, is two years old, and was taken in the town of Sayulita, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis titled it a "Vacation to Remember" back in the summer of 2012, when he invited the couple to stay with him at his rental home with a group of friends.

We did a little digging. From the looks of it, they may have stayed at a very exclusive resort, Casa Aramara, but we found all of the photos on Rancho Mi Chaparrita's site. We gave them a ring this afternoon and spoke with Sara Palomera at the vacation hotspot, which offers everything from zip-lining to horseback riding. Was Kanye having fun? What other celebrities have been there? Here are the answers to these burning questions..

We saw some photos of Kanye and Kim zip-lining. We think it was at Rancho Chaparrita?
Affirmative, they were here. 

Were you there?
No, I wasn't working that day, but yes, I was aware.

Not sure if you know, but those pictures have gone viral all over the Internet.
Oh yeah?

We're looking at them right now and they're beautiful. We're curious to know how it was having Kanye and Kim there.
Perfect. The guys who were here said they're really good people, were on their best behavior, and are really simple and humble.  

Very simple, humble people—that's how they were acting anyway. They were really communicative with all the guys, very sociable and convivial and trusted us. 

Did they have any security with them?
They didn't have any security that I saw, just showed up in a taxi that brought them. But the ranch and the town is secluded so no one really found out they were here.

And you guys specialize in these outdoor activities? Did they do anything else?
Yes, we do. They only did the zip-line, though. 

So who was in charge of prepping them for their tour?
A bunch of our guys who work here were around getting them ready. 

Were there any other tourists there that day?
It was an exclusive tour just for them, there was no one else that day. 

In one of the photos, Kanye doesn't look like he's having very much fun. Is that true? Did he look like he was having fun to the team?
Yes, absolutely. Everything went great. They had a great time. It took us by surprise because we always tell famous people if they want us to publicize photos and the fact that they were here and they gave us permission. 

We also had Tom Cruise and his daughter here recently and he didn't want photos taken. It was private and exclusive. He was more private. 

Are the sneakers he wore appropriate zip-line footwear? Do you guys usually provide shoes?
I'm not really sure. I wasn't on his tour. 

So the reason the photos came out is because they gave permission.
Yes, exactly.

I think someone from your team took a photo with Kim. Did they give permission for that?
Yes, absolutely. 

What other celebrities have you seen at Rancho Chaparrito?
We had the guy from Coldplay and his wife. 

Chris Martin? 
Yes. I can't remember any others right now.


To book your zip-lining adventure at the same exact place, head over to the site now.

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