I won't front and say I've been up on Jim-E Stack for a hot minute. I only know about Jim-E from catching bits of Baauer and RL Grime's Infinite Daps tour last summer and meeting some of that crew at Camp Bisco last year. I wondered who this guy was, though, and checked out his music only to find that he's been making some pretty left-field and tasteful club records for a minute.

This week, Jim-E has announced the forthcoming release of his debut album via Innovative Leisure, Tell Me I Belong. An album long in gestation, Tell Me I Belong is sure to be a coming out party for the bubbling artist as he brings a sophisticated take on dance music to the forefront in a time where these androids have sometimes simply heard too many "HEY!" samples - Tell Me I Belong is sure to be an honest and emotive record.

Speaking on the album, Stack earnestly says: "More so than anything, it's really on some personal shit"and "the music is kind of a reflection of that, the feeling like you don't belong."  Perhaps putting it even simpler, "This is music done in the most basic way it could be, for the purpose of writing it and making it as a reflection of me."

Peep the first single "Reassuring" for a better feel for this album, which is out on July 29.