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Outkast has been making waves again ever since word spread that they would be touring this summer on the festival circuit. But with their first show at Coachella this year, some reviews of 'Kast's performance were so-so. And so: we caught up with Big Boi, at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, where he took the stage and served as brand ambassador. Fresh off the stage, we asked him how he felt about the duo's first comeback show. Looking back, Sir Lucious gauged the differences between current Outkast shows and their earlier concerts.

We also asked him to deliver his favorite piece of work from his catalog, and like us, he had difficulty picking just one album. Big Boi shared his thoughts on rappers borrowing pieces of his style and if he feels he's underrated. Answering both of those with a collected ease, he only raised one qualm: MCs that rap over recorded audio. Can you blame him? For the full interview, check out the video above, and for all the latest on Big Boi, the Outkast reunion, and more, keep it locked right here to Complex News.