Earlier this week we found the first interview Charles Hamilton has done in years. Today, two albums of unreleased material from Charles have been released. They came to the attention of P&P via email after the interview went viral. The person who sent the albums said that he knows Charles personally and that Charles gave him permission to upload the albums.

I know Charles personally. He told me to leak these albums. Even has the Pharrell track there on My Heart. Oh, and, Charles is well aware of the leaks, like I said I know him personally and he told me to leak it. My Heart is Charles’ attempt at killing the mainstream and radio and The Zone is that classic 2008 Charles Hamilton sound everyone begs for

My Heart and The Zone are the titles of the projects, with one even having a Pharrell feature. The person who sent the email also gave an update on Charles, revealing that for the past year he has been traveling between Harlem and London working on new music. He apparently currently has a record deal with Turn First Records. Check out both of the projects below.

UPDATE: Unfortunately it turns out this was a troll by some members of KTT.

[via P&P]

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