I discovered DJ BamBam when I was doing my research on the rasterinha article I did a few months back. He was responsible for some of the best of those tracks so I decided to follow him on SoundCloud. Since then, I've been treated to what is almost a weekly output of new productions. Being this prolific, there are more than a few times when this veteran from Rio de Janeiro misses the mark, but luckily the hits far outweigh the misses.

He has this great ability to use the raw minimalism of baile funk to its greatest potential, and I like that he's not afraid of using some traditional sounds as well as some really out-of-this-world sounds. What I'm trying to say is that he's one of the guys in adding variety to baile funk. The more I think about it, the more I relate baile funk to New Orleans bounce. They're both ghetto bass musics that are very regional and raw but also hampered by being defined by a very specific beat. The real revelations come when someone messes with that template even just a slight amount. DJ BamBam is one of the people doing that.

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