Even if you didn't catch Mr. Collipark's drop last week with Meaux Green, you kind of had to see this type of stuff coming right? Whether it was Collipark or anyone else from that time period in Atlanta rap music, someone was going to start fucking with 100BPM twerk business. This collab with D!RTY AUD!O featuring the Ying Yang Twins is super bass heavy and I would put money on it being a big party starter. With that said, I think this particular era or whatever of electronic music we're in with the 100BPM stuff could use some more interesting collabs if Collipark is officially throwing in his hat. I say more "Salt Shaker" & "Wait (The Whisper Song)" type vibes instead of rowdy, festie-driven bangers that can become forgettable. Either way, I'm incredibly curious to see what else comes down the pipeline from this production legend.