DJ Sega is one of those musicians that has been flying under the public radar since his inception, and we're really not sure what happened.  He's is a monstrous DJ, insane producer, and has 10 years in the game.  He also came up under the tutelage of Diplo and murders the Mad Decent Block Party every time he plays, but beyond that one giant look, the bookings are far and few between and he's been struggling financially for years.  We can speculate all we want, but all we know now is that one of our musical brothers is in trouble.  He's been living in a house that's falling apart since I met him, and is looking for some help to save his home. He's asking for donations via GoFundMe, and the pictures really don't give a full idea of what he deals with every day.  While juggling everything one needs to handle in order to compete in the music industry, he's also taking care of his disabled mother, as well as his uncle, who is mentally challenged, deaf, and mute.

This isn't a sob story.  It's real life shit from someone who is putting his pride to the side to help his family.  He's offering different reward levels that range from $10 for any remix of your choosing to $500 to chill and smoke a blunt, but he needs donations, and needs them immediately so he can find a suitable living situation for his family.  His eviction notice came quick, and he needs to find a place to go by tomorrow.  Philly's Tanner Caldwell helped him set up a GoFundMe account where he's humbly asking for $1500, but we're hoping that the musical community can help rally around this beautiful soul and give him the financial space to move his family out of one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philly.  Share this around and donate whatever you can.  And don't look at the $1500 goal and turn away with satisfaction.  Help this man breathe a little bit.  He's earned it.

UPDATE Today (May 18, 2014) is the last day to contribute funds to DJ Sega. The outpouring of support has been awesome to see. Down below is the full two hour and 42 minute livestream from last night, where Sega went in the mix for a bit then he spoke to the people. Good to see him smiling.