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We're about a month away from the release of deadmau5's while(1<2), which will be released as a double LP on June 17 via mau5trap/Astralwerks. We've been wondering what the final tracklist would be, and with the project now up for pre-order, we get to see that the full monty features some bits that he'd been teasing since last year, including "My Pet Coelacanth," "Creep," and "Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer," all of which were a part of his SoundCloud "suites" last year. It looks like there are actually three "Coelacanth" tracks, as well as "Terrors In My Head" and "Errors In My Bread," among other bits we're not too familiar with. Get your pre-order on now and you can own "Avaritia," which premiered via Pete Tong last week. Check out the full tracklist below.

there it is! thnks! RT @iTunesMusic: .@deadmau5 roars again. Get "Avaritia" now when you pre-order While (1<2).

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) May 20, 2014


Part 1
01. Avaritia
02. Coelacanth I
03. Ice Age
04. My Pet Coelacanth
05. Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer
06. Terrors In My Head
07. Creep
08. Somewhere Up Here
09. Phantoms Can’t Hang
10. Gula

Part 2
01. Acedia
02. Invidia
03. Errors In My Bread
04. Survivalism Rmx
05. Silent Picture
06. Rlyehs Lament
07. Superbia
08. Mercedes
09. Bleed
10. Ira
11. Monday
12. A Moment To Myself
13. Pets
14. Coelacanth II
15. Seeya