Today I'm pretty stoked to bring you another big-label track from one of my favorite up and coming acts, Cherub.

If you haven't had the good fortune of listening to the viral hit "Doses and Mimosas" on repeat, then you may not have heard of the Nashville duo that created the risqué homage to all things booze, drugs, and general give-no-fucks-ness. For the sake of this post, lets call that process step one - scroll to check out the official video.

Step two, jump over to the motherland, Complex, and scope an interview from earlier this month to see an exclusive interview from their sold out NYC show. (Or you can check out our own interview with the duo from this past February).

Step three, finally, once you've got a real knowledge of the boys of Cherub, loop back to this post and check out the latest release off of their forthcoming album Year of the Caprese - "Funky Me, Funky You" (which premiered on Billboard). It's the same sort of infectious, anthemic, sound that we've come to love and we know you will too.