The elusive Charles Hamilton has not only been found but interviewed by Sa Neter Tv7 on the streets of Harlem. The interview wasn't planned; it looks like some guys had a camera and spotted him walking and one of them knew Hamilton personally. 

During the pretty awkward exchange, Hamilton spoke on his religious views, and said that the Bible is a spell and that Jesus' death was a curse. From there, the conversation turns to Hamilton's music. Apparently, he still has a deal with Interscope Records. Hamilton claims Jimmy Iovine was once pushing him to make folk music like Bob Dylan. 

"Jimmy Iovine is the closest thing we got to God," Hamilton says. "Jimmy Iovine wanted me to be a happier version of myself. Where we disagreed creatively is I'm lying to my listeners if I give them positive messages, because I don't see anything. I'm not positive. If I sold my soul to anybody, it would be to Jimmy Iovine, and it wasn't because of anything gay."

When the convo turned to Kanye West, Charles says "As long as Kanye West acknowledges the power of magic, then I will ease up on him."

Charles focused a lot on his beliefs—which included everything from worshipping Sonic the Hedgehog to Albert Einstein's initials standing for "Aliens Exist." Hamilton claims aliens have walked the Earth and defines an alien as someone who started from the bottom. You already know where this is going but yes, he called Drake an alien.

"There's a melody in that song ["Started From the Bottom"], and that melody is like the mental ringtone of the aliens," Hamilton explains, before talking about worshipping J. Dilla, and calling Bobby Caldwell the "blackest black man in existence."

To wrap up the conversation, Charles was asked about homosexuality in hip-hop, and his full, unedited response is below:

"It's called African child pornography. What they do is they take the babies, take innocent baby boys, if you believe Jimmy Iovine, a few reputable artists, they've been infected with AIDS. The myth is you take an African baby boy and you sodomize them and you pass your AIDS onto them and you take their innocence. The fresher the rapper, the dirtier the art. So you find the freshest artist you can find, whoever the freshest, the flyest, except Drake, and you put them under that microscope of how fresh they are. If you can smell a babies aroma in their music, if there is something pure about it, and you know they're dirty, that's how you know it's foul."

We spoke to Saneter, who was behind the camera and runs the YouTube channel where the video was uploaded. He says the message behind his page is "to enlighten the community, to enlighten the people, and show information. If you see Worldstar, that's nonsense, I spread knowledge."

He clarified that he isn't a part of any movement or organization including the Five Percent Nation, and revealed that he had never met or spoken to Charles Hamilton before.

The full conversation with Charles Hamilton can be viewed above.

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