Last year at this time, we looked at 40 moms and their love/hate relationship with one of today's latest crazes... EDM. It's interesting to see what happens over a calender year. EDM has permeated into the mainstream like never before; Avicii's received regular spins on Billboard's adult contemporary chart, for crying out loud! Airlines are commissioning DJ mixes for in-flight listening! And we've apparently got more EDM on Music Choice cable channels, Pandora, and other streaming radio-like outlets. It's easier than ever for your moms to get bit by the EDM bug... or hate this newfangled "techno music." Alas, we at DAD want to salute the mothers out there who rock with EDM, and the kids that have to live with them (for good or ill). Coachella 2013 brought us Rave Daddy; maybe one of these 2014 festivals will bring us PLUR Mommy?

We salute you, EDM-loving (and hating) moms of the world. Happy Mother's Day!