Chris Brown's downward spiral continues after being kicked out of rehab and refusing to take a drug test, which may result in prison time.

Date: March 17

"Chris Brown will remain in jail at least until April 23. Brown was arrested Friday after being kicked out of the rehab facility he was staying in for multiple violations of the facility's rules. He allegedly refused to take a drug test, made disturbing comments about his use of weapons, and disobeyed an order placed on him in the facility to remain at least two feet away from all women.

Brown wore a jail jumpsuit during today's hearing, and was denied the option of wearing a suit. He will be facing a hearing on April 23 to determine whether or not he violated his probation. If found guilty, he could be going to prison for four years. On April 17, Brown will go to trial in Washington D.C. on criminal assault charges." —Dharmic X