Unless you've been living in an area without some form of Internets service, I'm going to assume you've heard about this ordeal with Los Angeles Clippers' owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, where she recorded racist comments that Sterling made have not only lost the Clippers sponsors, but has caused much debate and conversation regarding . Donald Trump referred to her as "the girlfriend from hell."

Obviously, this has lead to the media scrutinizing this woman, basically just being all up in her face. And while we definitely understand why she'd want to be out of the limelight, we're not sure if rocking a huge visor over her face is really the move. Primarily because she looks like she has a bootleg/prototype Guy-Man Daft Punk helmet on. Maybe V.Stiviano was one of Arcade Fire's Paft Dunk players. The shit just looks odd.

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