Just in case you hadn't been keeping score, Thursdays is new release days over at Mad Decent's Jeffree's, and the EP they dropped today is truly something special. In celebration of two years since the release of UZ's landmark Trap Shit 6/9 EP (which technically dropped in June of 2012), Jeffree's has dropped the latest four-pack of "Trap Shit" tunes, with tracks 17-20 being unleashed. Contained in this is a return to form; UZ has been dipping into the twerk pond as of late, but hearing this reassures us that he's never left the sub-loving trap scene. Dude was one of the true early stars in the 808-heavy trap scene, and it's almost like he stands back atop the pile of producers, letting folks know that he's still merking shit. If you haven't gotten your official turn up as of yet, consider your package delivered.

(Mad Decent)

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