Album: Lose Control

There's something inherently funny (terrifying?) about a quintet of men serenading you, singing simultaneously, "Let me play with your body, baby." It's the aural equivalent of that scene in Watchmen when Silk Specter realizes she's in bed with multiple Dr. Manhattans and they're all tonguing her down with identical blue tongues.

Silk's "Freak Me" is a master class in '90s R&B excess from the first note. Thumping bass, group of men intoning "Freak me baby" like cult members around a campfire, and then the starburst moment where the sweet voices join for "Let me lick you up and down." And then, jumping up in register, a single voice declares, "Cause tonight, baby, I wanna get freaky with you!"

But '90s R&B connoisseurs know that the song's ultimate expression of ecstasy/comedy comes at 2:37, with the triumphant "YOUYOUYOUYOU" chorus. It is the epitome of everything awesome and hilarious and earnestly beautiful about young men wanting to get laid via the magic power of falsetto vocals. This is everything music should be. —Ross Scarano