We're not saying that Ultra has seen it's final days in Miami, but with the scandal bubbling around this year's festival, we'll be surprised with what the future holds for this, one of America's largest EDM festivals. One thing we can say is that, outside of the drama and problems that arised, Ultra truly does bring the biggest names in the EDM out to throw down, and with so much of America's EDM scene being about the festival atmosphere, it's always interesting to get one of these sets into your possession. Even if you weren't there, you're transported to Miami the instant they kick on. Something about that Winter Music Conference vibe, and so many dance music lovers being in one place... people live their lives chasing that feeling.

This year, DJs flew out of the woodwork, getting their mixes up as quickly as possible. While we don't dabble in the many SoundCloud accounts that are bootlegging the sites, we did want to collect the sets that the actual DJs uploaded to their pages. So here you have it, an archive of sets from the 2014 Ultra Music Festival from the DJs that spun them (in no real order aside from when we see them).

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