Last night, we took a look at the growing battle in Miami between Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and everyone who loves EDM and wants the Ultra Music Festival to stay in Miami. Why? Because we're a site that devotes time in keeping you abreast of what the hell is going on in the EDM scene. What sucks is that we end up having to breakdown, then rehash, some of the worst parts of the scene. EDM is something that is supposed to (and does) bring joy and excitement to the many dance music lovers worldwide, yet so much is poured into the negative/controversial/scandalous side of the scene that it can be easy to forget why the millions (and millions) of EDM fans worldwide even attend these festivals.

Then you get a stack of photos that blow you away.

The fine folks over at Asico Photo hit up the 2014 Ultra Music Festival and hit us with the beautiful shots you see up above, and they help capture what it is to attend Ultra. There's debauchery at almost every concert, but not too many experiences feature a cavalcade of DJs performing in front of packed crowds like this, with the Miami skyline shining up above. DJs like Diplo & Skrillex as Jack U, Afrojack, Hardwell, Steve Angello, and others are featured, as well as live performances from Pusha T and Dizzee Rascal. We're not going to get into religious/out-of-body experience talk, but we could see why someone would have all kinds of feels when the right song hits at the right time in an environment like this. And while the negative in most situations almost always outweigh the positive, we just hope that more of our peers make sure to highlight the good in EDM events while also striving to always do better in our actions and preparation.

Simply put, there's a reason why Ultra is one of the premiere EDM events worldwide. And while its future in Miami is still undetermined, you can scroll through the pictures and either relive the experience or pray that you don't miss next year's Ultra Music Festival.