Have you ever imagined yourself on a journey through the Styx River thought what the soundtrack might be like? I know I have. Something to go with the bubbling lava, the eerie and scary feels, and impending and pervading doom that would come with any trip down the six. That journey though might not be that dissimilar to any experiences going down the rabbit hole at a dark and dingy warehouse rave or club with menacing techno like this.

Maetrik, one of many projects from Eric Estornel, took a new track from Tiga's upcoming and put it through the ringer. The track "Fever" is a slow burner with brooding bass and booming vocal bombs that takes its time heating up before morphing into an absolute heater possessed with a demonic spirit. Though the original track also features co-production from Audion and is part of Tiga's upcoming album, this Maetrik remix is just the wins. Let this track run as you travel the depths of the rabbit hole and let it be an exorcism for your demons.

Grab this on Sunday with the original and additional remixes from Tom Trago, Kink, and Acid Arab.