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Just by the nature of his tenure in the dance music scene, Tiesto is a de facto mentor to many up-and-coming individuals, but in 2014, he's taking it a step further. In 2014, Tiesto is linking up with 7UP and mentoring six "Bubbling UP DJs" that many of you should know and love: Danny Avila, MOTi, Moska, Kaaze, The Disco Fries, and Dzeko & Torres. Many of these acts have received praise from Tiesto over the last year or so, but Bubbling UP looks like it'll be a bit different, and you'll be along for the ride.

Throughout the year, 7UP will be keeping tabs on these Bubbling UP DJs via their Tumblr, which will not only have you being updated with each DJs progress, but will also be providing you with access to some of the hottest events and festivals in the EDM scene. While full details aren't available right now, festival season hasn't really gotten hot yet - we're only just removed from Miami Music Week and the Ultra Music Festival.

Guys like Avila and The Disco Fries are already making their play at being mentioned in the upper echelon of EDM stars, and with Tiesto taking a real active role in their progress, they'll be bubbling up